Whidbey Loving Dreams sleep pillow

by Silly Dog Studios


People have leaned on local plants, flowers, and herbs to help with sleep and influence dreaming for generations. Now it's our generation's turn to remember this and to deepen our relationship with local plants, trees, and flowers. I created the Whidbey Loving Dreams sleep pillow specifically for 2020 & 2021, because the flowers here asked me to. It's for tired, overwhelmed, and struggling people like me who momentarily gave up on loving this year.

The pandemic, the politics, the vitally-important-to-our-souls social justice movements, the terrifying wildfires here and frightening weather elsewhere around the globe, the animosity online and in person... the pain of the world is a lot to hold. (Plus, the personal. What's your pile of personal challenges? Mine include going through the shifts of menopause right now, while caregiving for parents, and helping neighbors, and nursing a dog recovering from bone cancer, and almost half my extended family contracting Covid 19, plus I faced gallbladder surgery this winter, and we're still uncertain how much our insurance will cover. No wonder loving dreams have disappeared! It's hard to make room for loving dreams this year. Yet, the trees, the flowers, the bees, the beaches, the birds, and the sunshine all beckon and help me want more for us, and humanity, than the pile of pain we're juggling this year. I still want loving dreams for us all, dammit! :-)

The Whidbey Deep Sleep, Sweet Dreams, and Loving Dreams sleep pillow series hold the love, wisdom, and dreams of many of our ancestors and many beloved wise women who never gave up on themselves, the plants around them, and love! Each small (5 inch x 7 inch) linen bag is filled with an herbalist-curated (Lori-created) collection of our beloved Whidbey Island dried plants, flowers, herbs, and tree leaves/needles. The linen bags were created and sewn by Cathy, Daniel's mom. Yay human family and plant family! Let go and lean on local plants for a while--even in the heart of chaos--and just see what happens...

To use: Tuck the sleep pillow into your pillow case or under your pillow, shut your eyes, breathe deeply, and go to sleep. Most people notice within a day or two if the sleep pillow works for them. It's up to you when and how frequently to use your sleep pillow--they work really well for some people, they don't work for others, and they may also work too well ("My dreams were too vivid and woke me up.") to use every night for some people. Although, hey, with a Loving Dreams pillow that waking up in the middle of the night might be a great thing! ;-) Viva la spontaneous romance! If they work for you, consider gifting one to a friend or partner(s) who could use some loving dreams in their lives too. Know that I'm not a doctor--I'm an herbalist and a mystic, delighted and more-than-content with the mystery.

All our sleep pillows use only the dried plants themselves, not essential oils, so they're gentle. The sleep pillows can be squeezed to reactivate the plant and flower scents, as needed, and they should last for a year or many more, depending on  your climate. The bags can also be unzipped to add your own local dried herbs, plants, and flowers, as needed. If there are other plants, herbs, and flowers that you consider or suspect will bring loving dreams, play around with adding more of your own. If you add plants at any point, make sure they've been grown well away from human-sprayed poisons, dried thoroughly, and do some research, ideally talking to local wise women, before tucking different plants in. If the sleep pillow doesn't work for you as a sleep pillow, don't fear, there are other uses for it: tuck it into a dresser drawer as a sachet, store it in your car or set it on a shelf in the laundry room, mud room, or your home office to add subtle scent to the space, for example. You could even pour the contents into a hot bath for an extra relaxing bath.  

Whidbey Loving Dreams sleep pillow ingredients: Non-sprayed hops (deep sleep), lemon balm (reduce anxiety & relieve stress), rose petals, buds, and new young leaves (bring loving thoughts and warmth to dreams), and pinches of lilac (feel the emotions of love, especially first or new love), catnip (restful sleep), marjoram (feel a sense of warmth, safety, and comfort), calendula (supports restful sleep & helps re-ignite the soul's fire), yarrow (dream of your true love or loves), cloves (romantic & exotic dreams), & rosemary (to ward off bad dreams). All grown on Whidbey Island either here at Silly Dog Studios, on friends' properties and farms, or ethically wild gathered on Whidbey in the Wise Woman tradition, except for the cloves which I got from the bulk section of our favorite local grocery store.

Important: If you're allergic to one or more of the plants in this dream pillow, then this may not be the best product for you. Gift it to someone else and choose another product for yourself. Always stop using a product if your body isn't happy with it!

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