Whidbey Fresh Cedar closet bags

by Silly Dog Studios


Our Whidbey friends Robin and David built a new house in the woods this year. They managed to save all the trees on the property--no small feat here--but a couple of trees were damaged and had to have some branches removed. They generously gifted branches to me, knowing that I would do something with them. Tree-loving people are so grand! Our Whidbey Gardener's hand soap has my cedar-infused oil in it, so I made some more cedar-infused oil. I also lined some garden paths with bits of them. And, I ended up with so many cedar branches that I had to come up with something else on the fly. So our Whidbey Fresh Cedar closet bags were born.

Size: These are considerably bigger than a standard drawer sachet. One photo contains a pint-sized canning jar (or think pint of beer, for you non-canners) for comparison. And they weight between 2.5 and 3 ounces.

Ideas for use:

  • Set or hang them in a bedroom or entry way closet
  • Stuff them into stinky shoes for a few days
  • Set them on a shelf in a place that regularly gets smelly, such as a mud room, laundry room, or near pet bowls or litter boxes
  • Pair them with our Lemon Balm, Lavendar, and Mint sachets for a lovely Yay-Drawers-&-Closets! gift. Or if they just love conifers, you could pair these cedar closet bags with our Whidbey Gardener's hand soap, our Fir & Juniper soap, or our Whidbey Douglas Fir lotion bar, body oil, or salve. Here we LOVE conifers so much that more than a dozen of them sit on our board of directors.

Safety tip: These aren't child proof or pet proof. They are double knotted but can easily be untied. I suggest keeping out of reach of young children and dogs (especially puppies) because the scaly fresh cedar needles can cause slivers in fingers (says the woman who just cut and stuffed cedar branches into 25 bags). And a puppy can scatter the contents all over the house, as puppy Cora recently demonstrated here.

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