Whidbey Deep Sleep sleep pillow

by Silly Dog Studios


People have leaned on local plants, flowers, and herbs to help with sleep and influence dreaming for generations. Now it's our generation's turn to remember this and to deepen our relationship with local plants. The Whidbey Deep Sleep, Sweet Dreams, and Loving Dreams sleep pillow series hold the wisdom of many of our ancestors and many beloved wise women. Each small bag (5 inch by 7 inch) is filled with an herbalist-curated (Lori-created) collection of our beloved dried local plants, flowers, herbs, and tree leaves/needles. The linen bags were created by Daniel's mom, Cathy. Thanks Cathy! Let go and lean on local plants for a while--just see what happens!

To use: Tuck the sleep pillow into your pillow case or under your pillow, shut your eyes, and breathe deeply until you drift off to sleep. Most people notice within a day or two if the sleep pillow works for them. It's up to you when and how frequently to use your sleep pillow: they work well for some people and they don't work for others. I am not a doctor, I'm a mystic and an herbalist--delighted and more than content with the mystery.

All of our sleep pillows use only the dried plants themselves, not essential oils or fragrances, so they're gentle. The sleep pillows can be squeezed to reactivate the plant and flower scents, as needed, and they should last for a year or many more, depending on your climate and frequency of use. The linen bags can also be unzipped to add your own local dried herbs, plants, and flowers, as needed. If there are other plants, herbs, and flowers that you consider or suspect will support your sleep, play around with adding more of your own. If you add plants at any point, make sure they've been grown well away from human-sprayed poisons, dried thoroughly, and do some research, ideally talking to local wise women, before tucking different plants in. If the sleep pillow doesn't work for you as a sleep pillow, don't fear, there are other uses for it: tuck it into a dresser drawer as a sachet or set it on a shelf in the laundry room or mud room to add subtle scent to the space, for example.  

Whidbey Deep Sleep sleep pillow ingredients: Whidbey grown hops (deep sleep), lavender (relaxation), lemon balm (lower anxiety, decrease stress, insomnia support), Douglas Fir (calm the mind), catmint (restful sleep), and a pinch of rosemary (to ward off bad dreams). All grown here on Whidbey Island at Silly Dog Studios, on trusted friends' properties and farms, or ethically wild gathered on Whidbey in the Wise Woman tradition.

Important: If you're allergic to one or more of the plants in this sleep pillow, this may not be the best product for you. Choose another product entirely or discontinue use if your body isn't happy with the sleep pillow.

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