The Invite-Love-In gift box

by Silly Dog Studios


We pulled together a gift box for friends to treat themselves in February. A little love and support for anyone out there who needs to rest and relax, expand your heart field, remember you’re loved, mend an exhausted heart, or regroup to carry on, remembering that you're not alone. Wrapped as a gift for you to open.

I made 12 of these gift packages for February and have just five left. Get yours soon, before they’re gone. I can’t make more dream pillows until fall when I have all the dried flowers and herbs again—these are the last ones I’ve got for now. Plus, I keep sneaking into my office and eating the Sweet Mona’s chocolate truffles that I supposedly got for YOU, so please hurry if you plan to order. They are SO good, they call my name and woo me with their chocolatey goodness.

This gift box is $30 plus priority shipping (doing our part to help save the US Post Office). It includes:

  1. One Loving Dreams sleep pillow. Tuck into or under your pillow case, breathe deeply, and know that it contains deeply loved and loving dried flower petals and herbs, known by our ancestors to influence dreaming and invite warm, loving, and even romantic dreams. Only our plants in these: no fragrance or essential oils.
  2. Two herbal drawer sachets in rose-covered linen bags. Tuck these into drawers to infuse them with the soothing, loving scent of lavender, lemon balm, and mint. Squeeze to re-activate scent. Think outside the drawer on these, too. They can be used in cupboards, cabinets, pockets, gym bags, or glove compartments or squeezed and used during meditation, prayer, or yoga. Only our plants in these (plus some rice to help with scent reactivation/crushing)--no fragrance or essential oils.
  3. One Whidbey-grown, rose petal-infused soap (3 oz). We find that this soap soothes and re-energizes our weary hearts while we bathe. If you'd rather have a Douglas Fir or Douglas Fir & Juniper soap (which can soothe and re-energize a tired mind while you bathe), say that in the Notes field when you purchase and I'll make the swap. 
  4. One mystery gift. To invite love in, one great place to start is with your own curiosity and wonder. You will receive a mystery item from me, hand selected for you if I know you (and, well, even if I don't know you). You may receive, for example, a wood-wick soy candle made by our dear friend Gina--scents are pure honey, birchwood, sea moss, or a lavender blend called "clear your head." Or, you may receive a local plant-infused shampoo bar, or two fresh cedar closet bags, or something else from our website. A $9 to $12 value.
  5. One Whidbey mint dish soap bar or comfrey simple salve. Because those hard-working hands of yours need some love, too, in the every day. 
  6. One free amazing sweetness. Thinking of you and the stress of these times, we popped over to Sweet Mona's (Sweet Mona's Chocolates Sweetens the World from Whidbey Island) and brought home some of their hand-made, gluten-free (though not made in a gluten-free facility) Valentine's day chocolate truffles: Dark Heated Passion, Milk Maple Shell, Dark Cardamom Flower, or Milk Cherry Amaretto Heart. I just ate one of the Dark Heated Passion, and yowzah. So sweet, spicy, and sexy! We also picked up some of their generously sized Ginger Passionfruit caramels for those who prefer caramel to chocolate. I plan to drop one into the box for you as a gift from me, and those who order first get to pick what they want (just mention in the Notes field when you purchase). If I don't have any left of the one you ask for, I will substitute another. If you have any allergies that you're worried about, mention them in the notes field when you purchase this package. I can send you a list of ingredients in the chocolates if you need them or you can contact Sweet Mona's directly, although I warn you that she has online shopping too, and wow was that a slippery slope. ;-) 

These will come to you wrapped as a gift, in red tissue paper, in a Silly Dog Studios gift bag. Our priority shipping from the island is $10, but I've cut the prices of all our items for this gift box package, and thrown in free sweets, so it should feel like you're practically getting shipping for free. Take that Amazon. ;-) Hugs friends. We wish you love in these difficult times.

Shipping & Pick Up

We ship via U.S. Postal Service. Viva la public services! Whidbey Island friends, save on shipping by picking up orders at Silly Dog Studios on the west edge of Langley--Wednesdays, 11 am to 6 pm, or by appointment. Choose the Pick Up delivery method at checkout if you intend to pick up your order, and we'll email you when it's ready.


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