Local Flowers & Herbs drawer sachets (three)

by Silly Dog Studios


Note: The $10 price is for three hand-stuffed drawer sachets made with Whidbey lemon balm, lavender, and mint (grown here at Silly Dog or by trusted neighbors and dried here).  

My Grandma Kane was a wise herbalist (though I never heard her call herself anything but a farmer and a teacher and a grandma). She and her farm taught me well the value of not wasting anything, and wow, I do mean anything! I remember making sachets with her in the fall, and I didn't realize then that sachets were one of her "don't waste anything" creations. And now they're mine too. I grow and gather flowers, herbs, and plants to infuse into olive oil for our soaps, shampoo bars, salves, lotion bars, and body oil. I also lean on our plants, flowers, and trees to make teas, tinctures, vinegars, honeys, and oxymels for our family and friends (I don't sell food products, I prefer to gift food--no judgement, that's just me). And even after ALL that making this year, in October our walls and shed were still hanging heavy with dried plants that I've harvested and many, many more than have been gifted to us by generous neighbors (plants, trees, neighbors, and nearby small-farm farmers) here on Whidbey. Gifted to us because others, too, don't like to waste. What to do, what to do with all this abundance... Grandma to the rescue! Make sachets! 

Like us, our sachets are all about the plants themselves. There are no fragrance oils and no essential oils included, although you could add them if you're so inclined. I find a good squeeze of the sachet is more than enough scent to make all our sock, pajama, and workout wear (aka Zoom-call clothing) drawers smell divine. I re-squeeze them a couple of times a year to reactivate the scent. I can't yet speak to how long these will last, but I will say that I still have lavender sachets I made with my grandmother 20 years ago. :-) So I expect them to last quite a while. You can also open these sachets in a few years and add more of your own local dried plants too, if you're so inclined.  

Ideas for use:

  • Tuck them into dresser drawers (socks, pajamas, workout wear, work-from-home-wear, and garden wear all like to hang out with herbal sachets)
  • Hang them between clothing on hangers in the bedroom closet or linen closet to add a nice pop of lavender/lemon balm/mint scent when you move hangers around
  • Drop them into gym bags prone to smelliness
  • Pair with a lavender mint lotion bar, lavender mint shampoo bar, or a Whidbey gardener's hand soap for a lovely holiday or birthday gift 

Ingredients and weight and bag info: Whidbey grown lavender, lemon balm, and mint (mostly spearmint, although there may be a little peppermint in there too, tend to grow into each other) and a little jasmine rice to support plant crushing when squeezing the sachet and scent distribution. Each sachet weighs roughly (and at least) 1.5 ounces. The drawstring linen bags are ~3.5 inch by 5 inch when empty. When filled, they get wider and their height is closer to 4 inches. The bags are washable and reusable, if you have a puppy chew on one and you have to clean it up and refill it, like I did recently. 

On the balance of safety and adventure: Busy City Me suggests keeping these out of reach of young children and pets. The sachets aren't child or pet proof. They're double knotted, but they can easily be untied--intentionally, so that you can add your own dried plants, as needed later, to extend the life of the sachets. The herbs and rice aren't toxic if eaten (we eat them all the time), but small kids or pets could choke on the contents or just make a huge mess with them, as our puppy Cora recently taught me. That said, Rural Country Me says this... I was helping make herbal sachets with Grandma Kane when I was young, maybe 7 years old (if memory serves), and they're one of the many reasons my love of local plants and flowers and herbs runs so deep. So if you have time and kids who are interested in flowers and plants and interesting new smells (yay!), open a sachet up together, dump out the contents in a bowl, and check them out. Can you identify them by sight? Or by the smell? Could you grow and dry some of your own plants to add? What would that do to the overall smell of the sachet? Maybe this isn't just a sachet. Maybe it's a family activity and an adventure, like it was for me. But like most things in life, safest to go on this adventure together with a trusted someone! 

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