Herbal holiday ornaments

by Silly Dog Studios


Happy winter holidays! These holiday ornaments are made with local beeswax and our own dried flowers and herbs (rose petals, chamomile, double chamomile, yarrow, California poppy, tulsi, and calendula), windfall Douglas fir branches and Western red cedar sprays, and windfall usnea lichen all from Whidbey. Each one is a unique, one-of-a-kind ornament for you or gift for a loved one. I love the joyful chaos of the dried plants paired with the traditional round ornament and wreath forms and tied with twine. These are small batch, available winter season only, and when they're gone, they're gone until next winter.

There are two styles this year: a solid round ornament and a wreath ornament that is open in the center. Choose which of these two styles you want as you order. These ornaments are about the size of my palm, and they smell like really good beeswax with softer hints of honey and the scents of the dried flowers, trees, and lichen they contain. You could--if you wanted to--add a few drops of essential oil to them to bring out a scent you really like.

They are also either a 1) rose pink, white and green color palate, or an 2) orange, yellow, white, and green color palate. I can choose a color for you or you can say in the Comments field which color palate you prefer. If I have your first-choice color palate, I will send it. If I don't, I'll send the other one.   

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