Whidbey Usnea simple salve

by Silly Dog Studios


This salve can be of use for scraped knees and elbows for those who fall down and other minor scrapes, cuts, and abrasions. As we gradually re-imagined our medicine cabinet into a wellness cabinet, we replaced our childhood favorite Neosporin with this salve that we made with local lichen infused into organic olive oil. 

Amazing, wonderful Usnea! I started working with Usnea because I gather winter-storm fallen Douglas Fir and Western Red Cedar branches, and often it’s older branches that fall. Older branches here often have Usnea on them! Part algae and part fungus, it’s just a ridiculously cool and beautiful lichen, and don’t get me started in person or I will completely geek out about it and bore you to tears. If you’re ever walking in the woods on South Whidbey and you hear someone giddily yelling out “Usnea! Usnea! Usnea!” on the trail, that’s me. Explore Usnea more on your own. Places you could use as starting points… http://www.susunweed.com/An_Article_wisewoman3d.htm and http://www.eattheweeds.com/usnea-food-and-pharmacy-lichen/ and https://herbs.motherearthliving.com/medicinal-benefits-of-usnea/.

Important: Usnea grows very, very slowly and is important to the forest. I never remove it off of a standing tree, living or dead, because it is needed there. I take it only off of branches that have broken and fallen from the tree or directly off the ground where it has blown down after a winter wind storm, and then I only take a tiny bit. We make only a little bit of this salve each year and when it's gone, it's gone until the next time we find ourselves with a pile of storm-fallen Usnea. 

Size/container: Reusable 2-ounce, screw-top tin. 

Ingredients: Usnea lichen (gathered off of fallen tree branches and near trees after winter storms, from Silly Dog Studios and walks in neighboring woods) infused into organic extra virgin olive oil for 4+ months, beeswax. 

Medical disclaimer: This information is for general reference for further exploration. It is not a replacement for professional medical advice. Seek the guidance of your qualified health professional, such a naturopathic physician, clinical herbalist, or medical doctor with questions regarding medical conditions, dosage information, or possible interactions with prescription drugs. If you are pregnant or breast feeding, you hold the world in your belly and hands, so please do additional research, listen to local wise women, and listen to the medical professionals in your life to make sure all products you use are safe!

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